Funded Grants June 2022

Mohamed Abdelbaki Rally FoundationNatural Killer Cells in Children with Recurrent Malignant Brain Tumors
David Bark NIH/R01Impact of turbulence on blood in mechanical circulatory support
Jeffrey Bednarski NIH/R21MYSM1-dependent DNA damage responses in early B cell development
Jeffrey Bednarski SLCH FoundationPedal the Cause: Role of Maternal Obesity and Environmental Exposures in CNS tumor formation
Jeffrey Bednarski SPORERole of BCLAF1 in leukemic transformation
Tarin Bigley CDIEstablishing The Role Of Roseoloviruses In Disrupting Central Tolerance And Inducing Autoimmunity.
Nicole Brossier SLCH FoundationPedal the Cause: Role of maternal obesity and environmental exposures in CNS tumor formation
Angela Brown NIH/U19/George Washington University/GWUAlzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease Related Dementias in Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes: The Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study AD/ADRD Project
Jonathan Cooper NIH/R01Characterizing and testing the efficacy of AAV-mediated gene therapy in a sheep model of CLN1 disease
Brian DeBosch CDI/LIA Randomized Trial Using ADI-PEG20 to Improve Insulin- and Energy Homeostasis in Obese Adolescents
Laura Duckworth CFFQuantification of Enteric Dysfunction in Cystic Fibrosis: Inter- and Intra-host Variability
Margaret Ferris SLCH FoundationPedal the Cause: Role of Retinoids in the Treatment of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Sarah Garwood Episcopal-Presbyterian Charitable Health and Medical TrustJennings High School Based Health Clinic
Andrew Glatz HealthCore, Inc.SAXOPHONE Co-Director
Robert Hayashi PBTF/Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaComparing Functional and Quality of Life Outcomes after Selumetinib vs. Carboplatin/Vincristine in Children with Newly Diagnosed Low-Grade Glioma
Robert Hayashi NIH/Public Health InstituteCost Reimbursable Work Order
Robert Hayashi NIH/U10/Public Health InstitutePer Case Reimbursement – NIH NCTN
Robert Hayashi NIH/R01/Emory UniversitySurvivorLink™: Scalability of an Electronic Personal Health Record for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers at Pediatric Cancer Centers
Lori Holtz NIH/R01/Alberta Health ServicesHyperhydration to Improve Kidney Outcomes in Children with Shiga Toxin-Producing E. Coli Infection (HIKO STEC): A
Multinational, Embedded, Cluster, Crossover, Randomized Trial
Amjad Horani Doris Duke Charitable Foundation/Clinical Scientist Development AwardClinical Research Training Center Doris Duke Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists (DDFRCS)
Monica Hulbert Illinois Department of Public HealthSickle Cell Follow Up 2023
David Hunstad BioAge LabsIDO1 Inhibition in Urinary Tract Infection 
Carol Kao NIH/University of Alabama at BirminghamStaphylococcus aureus a-toxin antibody response in maternal-infant dyads
Fuhai Li NIH/R01Identification of novel targets and synergistic drug combinations for AD by inhibiting neuro-inflammation and
immune signaling pathways
Jeffrey Magee CDIEpigenetic and metabolic vulnerabilities in pediatric AML
Jeffrey Magee Evans (Edward P) FoundationMechanisms of MLL3-mediated suppression of myelodysplastic syndrome
Katie Plax State of MissouriThe Spot Express Testing and Youth Engagement
Robert Potter American Urological Association FoundationGenomic diversity driving the commensal-pathogen axis in the urogenital tract
Daniel Rosenbluth CFF/SLU Multi-Center Study of Non-Invasive Colorectal Cancer Evaluation In Cystic Fibrosis (NICE-CF)
Ronald Rubenstein CFFCF Center Program
Ronald Rubenstein State of MissouriGenetics Program, Newborn Cystic Fibrosis-Region 3
Rebecca Same CDC/University of PennsylvaniaReducing Empiric Vancomycin AdMinistration in Pediatric Sepsis (REVAMP-Sepsis)
Ellen Schill AAP/ Klaus Neonatal-Perinatal Research AwardMaternal Antibiotic Treatment Opens GAPs in Neonatal Mice
Gary Silverman SLCH Foundation 2022-2023 Children’s Discovery Institute Administration
Stephen Stone CDIMechanisms of FGFR1 and KLB signaling in the regulation of insulin sensitivity and metabolism
Zachary Vesoulis NIH/R01/University of VirginiaPredictive Informatics Monitoring in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Barbara Warner NIH/R01/Medical College of WisconsinGastroschisis Outcomes of Delivery (GOOD) Study
Neil White Case Western Reserve UniversityEDIC Clinical Coordinating Center
David Wilson SLCH Foundation 2022 Pediatric Student Research Program (PSRP) Summer
Funded Awards
Funded Awards October & November 2022

Name Agency Title Jeffrey Bednarski NIH/R01 RAG-mediated DNA Damage Responses in Immune Development and Function Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg SLCH Foundation  Center for Vaccines and Immunity to Microbial Pathogens Julie Dorfman SLCH Foundation  Reach out and Read Amanda Kolmar NIH/University of Pittsburgh Chilled Platelets Study Katie Plax SLCH Foundation The SPOT …

Funded Awards
Funded Awards September 2022

PI Agency Title Dustin Baldridge NIH/U01/Geisinger Clinic Leveraging Rare Genetic Etiologies to Advance Knowledge and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders Dustin Baldridge NIH/U01 Admin Supp/Geisinger Clinic Leveraging Rare Genetic Etiologies to Advance Knowledge and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders – Supplement Megan Cooper SLCH Foundation  Jeffrey Modell Research Center – Dr. Cooper …

Funded Awards
Funded Awards August 2022

PI Agency Title Tarin Bigley Washington University Digesitive Diseases Research Core Center Evaluation of thymic gastric antigen expression in roseolovirus-induced autoimmune gastritis David Butler MCCMN/Small Grant McDonnel Center Small Grants Program Amjad Horani NIH/U54/University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Genetic Disorders of Mucociliary Clearance GDMCC David Hunstad SLCH Foundation Catlin …