Research News & Funded Awards – July 2017

Funded Awards

Research News:

Release of a new myIRB application on August 11th, the myIRB team will be hosting a series of demonstratios
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2017 Request for Applications, American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants (ACS-IRG) due September 15
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Announcing the New Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Director, Meredith Moore, Ph.D.
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Applying the RCAST for ER or Inpatient Subjects in Clinical Trials
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Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Young Investigator Program Q&A, July 25th from 11-12 in FLTCH, Room 214. LOI deadline August14, 2017
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Sigma Aldrich plastic chemical containers safety recommendations
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Children’s Discovery Institute call for proposals by August 1
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KL2 Career Development Awards 2017 Application Cycle Information, open June 1-September 15
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NIH Mock Study Section November 14, 2017, 12:00-4:00, CAM., Conference Room 1, LOIs due August 18, 2017
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New Procedure for Advertising Postdoctoral Openings
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Funded Awards – July 2017

Employee Title PI
John Constantino SLCH Foundation/Restricted Funding Request IDDRC Functional Genomics Symposium
Melanie Fields BJHF-ICTS/Clinical and Translational Research Funding Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism And Functional Connectivity…
Jane Garbutt ICTS/BJHF/ICTS Development of an Examroom-to-Newsroom Strategy to Enh…
Lori Holtz Doris Duke Charitable Foundation/Clinical Scientist Development Award Transmission and Development of the Human Infant Virome
Monica Hulbert State of Missouri – Department of Health & Senior Services Pediatrics Hemoglobinopathy Resource Center (Sickle Ce…
Peter Michelson CFF CF Center Program
Cynthia Ortinau CDI/FR Understanding the Mechanisms of Impaired Development i…
Ryan Pitman CFF Use of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food to Improve Growth…
David Rudnick NIH/R01/University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Understanding Mechanisims that regulate Liver Growth a…
Shalini Shenoy NIH/U54/Regents of the University of California Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium
Neil White NIH/U01 Admin Supp/Case Western EDIC Yr 6: Long-term Effects of Glycemia on the Compli…
Funded Awards
Funded Awards – January 2018

PI Agency Title Jeffrey Bednarski American Society of Hematology Regulation of Pre-B Cell Receptor Signaling in Normal … Audrey Odom John NIH/R01 Fosmidomycin Resistance in Plasmodium Falciparum Kenneth Remy Society of Critical Care Medicine/ SCCM-Weil Research Grant Influence of Free Heme as a Red Blood Cell DAMP in Sep… Joan …

Research News
Research News – January 2018

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) is pleased to announce the publication of the fiscal year 2017 Annual Report Click here for more information I am pleased to announce that I recently completed a review of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research administrative structure. While …

Funded Awards
Funded Awards – December 2017

PI Agency Title Mary Dinauer NIH/R01/University of Southern California Leukocyte NADPH Oxidase Variants in Lupus Todd Druley CDI Applying Error-Corrected Sequencing to Detect Minimal … Sarah Garwood St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund Jennings School-Based Health Clinic Monica Hulbert NIH/R01/Medical University of South Carolina DISPLACE: Dissemination and Implementation of Stroke …