Diversity Training

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Diversity and inclusion leaders provide a series of four, one-hour training sessions on the fundamentals of diversity education. No registration required

Diversity 1.0 What diversity means and how to define it
October 16 @ noon, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium
October 23 @ 8 am, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium

Diversity 2.0 What aspects of diversity affect us (i.e., biases and prejudices)
January 23 @ 8 am, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium
January 29 @ noon, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium

Diversity 3.0 How biases and prejudices manifest in our day-to-day thoughts and actions
To be scheduled in March

Diversity 4.0 How to recognize and mitigate biases and prejudices when we do encounter them
To be scheduled in June

OFD Events
Pediatric Faculty Breakfast

“Advocating for child health; how to get involved” Speakers: Katie Plax, MD and Sarah Garwood, MD Enjoy a nice breakfast and discuss the needs and opportunities for advocacy for children in the community. September 22, 2017 NWT10A Registration

OFD Events
Spotlight on Women in Medicine and Science

September 7, 2017 1-3 pm in EPNEC Seminar Room B Registration  

OFD Events
CEP in WUPS Training Sessions

The WUPS Profile System that you currently use to generate your CV is being updated to have the capability to generate your Clinician Educator Portfolio (CEP) as well.  The WUPS system is found at  https://wups.wustl.edu/ . The updates in the system will help standardize CEPs across the department while still  maintaining …